How to Optimize Images With the WP Smush Plugin

Wp Smush Pro WordPress Plugin

Wp Smush Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that works to compress or compress image files. Compressed images produce a smaller image size, so it can affect the loading speed of the website when accessed.

How to install and optimize the WP Smush plugin on the WordPress CMS:

  1. Install the WP Smush Plugin
  2. Go to Plugins menu > WP-Optimize
  3. In the “settings” set like this
  4. Then to get started, click BULK SMUSH NOW.

Wait until the Smush process is complete. Keep in mind this plugin can only compress 50 images one click, so if more than 50 images on the website. Repeat the process again until all the images are compressed.

If you want to use WP Smush which is more powerful, use the premium plugin on WP Smush Pro.

Wp Smush Pro WordPress Plugin Latest Version Download

In addition to using the WP Smush plugin, you can use other similar plugins or the manual method to optimize image compression to increase loading speed on the website.

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