Barn2Media Premium Plugin Collection Low Price, Only $2.99

Barn2 Premium Plugin woocommerce

Barn2 Premium Plugin

Barn2 Premium Plugin Collection Low Price for Woocommerce – If you are looking for a wordpress plugin developed by Barn2Media, here you can get all the premium versions at a low price. Barn2Media develops various plugins which are useful for all users in building various websites and ecommerce. Barn2 is based in the beautiful Devon countryside in South West England. Barn2 is one of the UK’s top WordPress companies run by husband and wife team Andy and Katie Keith. Barn2 has a diverse and committed team in more than 5 countries. They work together to build plugins that will delight customers.

Original price by Barn2

Some of the plugins developed by Barn2 can be found in the list of plugins below. To use their plugin, you have to purchase a license for $99 – $799 Annual, or $299 – $999 for lifetime. If you want to use a plugin with a license key, you can visit the developer’s site and download it from there after making a purchase. However, if you don’t have enough money, you can get this plugin for only $2.99 with a GPL license.

Barn2 Plugin Low Price Only $2.99

If you can’t afford to buy a license, you can still enjoy this plugin for a very low price. Yes.. a site offers a variety of premium plugins for $2.99 only.

Some questions you may ask such as:

  • Why the low price?
    The plugin you buy is GPL licensed, you can use it to unlimited sites or domains and it’s legal. But you don’t get support from the developer. Support only to the plugin provider on the site where you purchased it.
  • What about the license key?
    The developer gives you a license key to get the latest updates to their plugin. So, if you buy a license from the developer, then you can directly update the plugin to the developer’s site. However, if you purchased a plugin with a GPL license, you can only update the plugin from the site of the provider where you purchased it. GPL licensed plugin providers don’t give you a license key, so you don’t need to enter the key in the license field.

Get it Now Barn2 Plugins at Low Price

Plugin NameGet only $2.99
Barn2Media Password Protected CategoriesDownload
Barn2Media Posts Table ProDownload
Barn2Media Easy Digital Downloads EU VATDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Bulk VariationsDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Default QuantityDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Lead TimeDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Multiple Email RecipientsDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Private StoreDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Product TableDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Protected CategoriesDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Quick View ProDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Restaurant OrderingDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Wholesale ProDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Fast CartDownload
Barn2Media WooCommerce Variation PricesDownload
Barn2Media Discontinued Products For WooCommerceDownload
Barn2Media Quantity Manager For WooCommerceDownload
Barn2Media Document Library ProDownload
Plugin by Barn2

How to Install Barn2 Plugin

How to install Barn2 Plugin is very easy, if you already have the plugin, you just have to install it directly on your wordpress. Here’s how to install Barn2 Plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.
  4. Upload the .zip file with the plugin to be installed.
  5. Click the Install Now button.
  6. Once installed, click Activate.

If you bought a plugin with a GPL license, you don’t need to enter the key in the license key field, just ignore it.


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