Woocommerce Appointments WordPress Plugin Download

Woocommerce Appointments WordPress Plugin Download

Woocommerce Appointments WordPress Plugin Download

Woocommerce Appointments Plugin For Creating Booking And Appointment Websites – When you want to create a website that can automate booking and scheduling appointments (Booking Appointments) for the services you want to offer to customers that can be run flawlessly then the best solution you should choose is to build your website with WordPress and use the most popular plugins namely WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is known as a popular plugin for building eCommerce sites or buying and selling online for WordPress. However, over time this plugin was developed by several experienced developers to perform broader tasks such as to be able to be used as a booking system service and appointment scheduling based on a set time with a price. One such plugin is WooCommerce Appointments made by BookingWP.

What are WooCommerce Appointments?

WooCommerce Appointments is a plugin that serves to make the WooCommerce plugin additional features to be used as a WordPress site that can manage the booking system and schedule appointments. This plugin fully integrates perfectly with WooCommerce, WordPress, and Google Calendar.

WooCommerce Appointments has the ability to be able to request and receive payments or just confirmations for appointments. The plugin works by having a perfectly organized calendar and reducing no-shows with advanced notifications and reminders.

With this WooCommerce Appointments plugin, you can create booking and appointment websites such as (A variety of consultations, health or medical services, speakers, salons and beauty, rentals, personal trainers and many more).

WooCommerce Appointment Pricing

WooCommerce Appointment Pricing

WooCommerce Appointments is a paid plugin or extension, this plugin does not have a free version. You can own this plugin by directly purchasing a license directly through the BookingWP site with prices starting at $89 for one site.

Bellow is a list of pricing plans for WooCommerce Appointments:

  • $89.00 Single site
  • $129.00 Up to 10 sites
  • $299.00 Up to 25 sites

By purchasing the WooCommerce Appointments plugin you will get one year of updates and support. You can cancel at any time. Prices do not include VAT. Plugin subscription renewal will get a 50% discount.

Get WooCommerce Appointment for $2.99

If you don’t have the money to buy or subscribe to a WooCommerce Appointment license, you can still get this plugin without a subscription. You can download the WooCommerce Appointment plugin via the link below

WooCommerce Appointment WordPress Plugin Latest Updates

WooCommerce Appointment Features

  • Built on top of WooCommerce, so you can use all WooCommerce features and extensions, without compromising the integrity of your store.
  • Simple, fast and intuitive configuration. No programming language knowledge required.
  • Add-on disertakan dan didukung oleh plugin secara native. Selain biaya tambahan, Anda juga dapat menentukan durasi ekstra untuk setiap add-on.
  • Sinkronisasi berfungsi dua arah. Acara dari kalender Google Anda akan secara otomatis disinkronkan dengan situs Anda dan sebaliknya. Tidak ada penundaan.
  • Assign multiple staff to make appointments, manage calendars for each employee, allow them to log in and manage their availability however they like.
  • Set custom availability for each calendar date, day or hour and also set breaks for holidays. Override global availability for products and staff.
  • Increase or decrease the available space for a particular slot. Accept more customers, whenever you can and schedule your capacity like a pro.
  • and many more

That’s a review of the WooCommerce Appointments plugin that you can use to create a booking website and schedule appointments with your customers. You can read the full documentation on how to setup, configure and use the WooCommerce Appointments plugin here.

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