GeneratePress Premium Free Download Latest Updates

GeneratePress Premium Free Download Latest Updates

GeneratePress Premium Free Download Latest Updates

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that excels in terms of speed and usability. That’s why this theme is made as light and stable as possible so that the website has maximum performance.

This theme is basically a free download. However, in order to work more optimally GeneratePress issued a premium version.

In addition to being light and stable, premium theme features are very complete for customization of every part of the website. During its six years of release, this theme has been downloaded more than 3 million times, with 300,000+ active users!

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

You can see that the features of the free version are very limited and customization is not flexible.

FeaturesFree VersionPremium Version
PriceFreeUSD 59 – 249
Get only $2.99 here
Site UsageUnlimitedUnlimited
Layout SettingsLimitedUnlimited
Mobile FriendlyYesYes
SEO FriendlyYesYes
Periodic UpdatesYesYes
Site LibraryNoYes
Unlimited ColorsNoYes
Menu PlusNoYes
Secondary NavigationNoYes
Disable ElementsNoYes
GeneratePress Features

GeneratePress Free Version Latest Updates Download

GeneratePress Premium Version Latest Updates Download

Why Should You Use GeneratePress Premium?

Even though it is paid, GeneratePress Premium remains a dream theme for WordPress residents. Why? Here are three main reasons why this theme is worth considering.



This performance problem has been thought of by Tom Usborne from the start, so that it is possible to create a generatepress theme for a full custom but with a clean code base.

On testing httpp requests, generatepress adds only 4 of the default wordpress installs. The four assets in total are only about 10kb in size. Very small!

With shared hosting, this fresh install of generatepress themes loads in 0.8 seconds! But this fresh install is just an early indicator of how light and efficient the theme is.

To prove the performance of generatepress, I did further testing by installing one of the child themes from the site library, namely vacation. Then I tried to do 2 tests, namely generatepress with a default vacation and an optimized version.

Generatepress with the original version of child theme vacation loads in 1.5 seconds with 34 requests and is 264kb in size. Even without optimization, generatepress is already very special in providing performance for its users. Then an optimized version, can be much more fun!

The premium version is much faster than the default version and lighter with the same content and functionality.

Generatepress Site Library

Generatepress Site Library

Generatepress is not just a theme for blogging, Generatepress is a multi-purpose theme, aka a multi-functional theme. That’s why Tom Usborne provides premade templates that can be used with Generatpress as a company profile, blog, online shop and so on.

There are also premade templates that use elementor and beaver builder so that it is easier to customize.

Generatepress Elements

Generatepress Elements

For those who are used to creating child themes to add functionality to the theme, child themes are not required in development with generatepress. Generatepress has an addon generatepress elements that can add certain functions to every wordpress page.

For example, I add a header to each article which is right under the navigation. There are lots of settings to determine the position of custom code on generatepress.

In this header, I add the post title and estimated reading time to make it easier for visitors to know approximately how many minutes the article will be finished reading.

With these elements, child themes are no longer needed because any additional custom code in Generatepress is already stored in these elements.

Background Images

Background Images

Another setting that is no less interesting is the provision of background images in each component of the theme. Body, navigation, buttons can all be given a background image.

Usually websites such as anime websites and so on use a background image. This setting also applies to the dropdown menu.

Generatepress Layouts

In the customizer -> layout, generatepress provides settings for the container, header, primary-secondary-sticky header, off canvas, sidebar, blog and footer.

In the container options, there is an option to set the container width which defaults to 1100px. For the uninitiated, the container is the overall width of the content. By default, no content is outside the container.

Then this separating space is useful for determining the distance between displays. Suppose the distance between the content with the sidebar and sidebar items with other items. By default 20px is already very good.

Content separator is a setting to adjust the distance between items in the article such as the distance between the featured image and the title and so on. This content layout has the option of separate containers or one container.

The difference is that separate containers have a boundary line while one container has no boundaries and is made into 1 display as wide as the width of the container. Container alignment is the width of where the content starts from.

Ideally, the content width starts with the boxed header/footer width. However, if you choose one container in the content layout, then this text can seem a little indented. For this reason, there is an option for text as the alignment container.

In the header section there are also settings to make navigation as a header or create your own header.

GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme Download Link

GeneratePress Premium Version Latest Updates Download


Generatepress is very suitable as a basic theme if you want to use a pagebuilder or make it the main theme for any purpose. Thanks to its multipurpose, both for company profiles, online stores, blogs or anything else can be done with generatepress. Generatepress really deserves to be the basic theme for any website with any need. For more info, (click here).

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