Modern Events Calendar (MEC) All Add-ons Latest Updates

Modern Events Calendar (MEC) All Add-ons Latest Updates

Modern Events Calendar (MEC) All Add-ons Latest Updates

Modern Events Calendar (MEC) All Add-ons WordPress Plugin Latest Updates by Webnus is Plugin For Managing Events in WordPress – If you want to create a website that is able to manage events or events and also supports booking services then you can use WordPress, because WordPress has many plugins that can add features to make WordPress capable of managing various types of events and also allowing users to place orders. or booking tickets at published events.

There are so many choices of WordPress plugins that work to create and manage events, but to make it easier for you to find the best, here I will introduce a plugin called Modern Events Calendar (MEC).

What is Modern Events Calendar?

Modern Events Calendar (MEC) is an easy-to-use plugin that you can use to add features to a website built with WordPress so that it is able to manage various events or events and can also handle event ticket bookings and even users can also register to send events. on your WordPress site for publication.

Modern Events Calendar has an attractive and modern interface that users can use effectively for their event needs. In addition, you as a site owner can also integrate it with many third-party tools so that the Modern Events Calendar plugin has a more complete ability to meet the needs of a comprehensive event web.

This Modern Events Calendar (MEC) plugin is available in Free and Pro versions, if you want to have complete features such as reminders, location or map directions, ticket system, weather module, coupons, invoices and online booking system, then you must upgrade to paid version.

However, if you want to create standard events in WordPress, then simply use the free version of this plugin. As many users find that the free version provides enough features to meet their basic event management requirements.

Prices for Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar Plugin you can use for free for basic features that you can download and install directly through your WordPress dashboard because this plugin is available in the WordPress directory.

For the Pro version, you can get it for a starting price of $75 for a single license. It already includes many premium features that can meet your needs in creating an event website with an online booking system. However, if you want to integrate with WooCommerce and Elementor Builder, you incur additional costs.

Untuk membeli Modern Events Calendar, Anda tidak perlu khawatir jika tidak sesuai dengan harapan Anda. Karena mereka menjamin garansi uang kembali 30 hari.

Get Modern Events Calendar Pro and Add-ons for only $2.99

If you don’t have enough money to buy or subscribe to a Modern Events Calendar license, don’t worry! you can enjoy this premium plugin at the lowest price. You can get it via the link below.

The price of each plugin or Add-ons is only $2.99 with a 7 day money back guarantee. GPL license and can be used for unlimited sites.

Plugin NameGet only $2.99
Modern Events Calendar (MEC) WordPress PluginDownload
Modern Events Calendar Advanced Importer AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar Advanced Map AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar Advanced Organizer AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar Advanced Reports AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar Advanced Speaker AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar BuddyBoss Integration AddonDownload
Modern Events Calendar Elementor Form Builder AddonDownload
Elementor Shortcode Designer Addon For MECDownload
Modern Events Calendar Event API For MECDownload
Modern Events Calendar Multisite Event Sync For MECDownload
Modern Events Calendar Ticket and Invoice For MECDownload
Modern Events Calendar User Dashboard for MECDownload
Modern Events Calendar Waiting List For MECDownload
Modern Events Calender Divi Single Builder For MECDownload
Elementor Shortcode Builder For MEC WordPress PluginDownload
Modern Events Calender RSVP Events WordPress PluginDownload
Modern Events Calender Virtual Events For MECDownload
Modern Events Calender Zapier Integration For MECDownload
Modern Events Calender Zoom Integration For MECDownload
Modern Events Calendar WooCommerce IntegrationDownload
Elementor Single Builder for MEC WordPress PluginDownload
Modern Events Calendar Pro and Add-ons

Modern Events Calendar (MEC) WordPress Plugin Latest Updates Download

Modern Events Calendar Features

This plugin has a lot of features in both the free and premium versions. And below are the main features of the Modern Events Calendar plugin that you can get:

Shortcode Generator

This Modern Events Calendar WordPress uses a “Shortcode Generator System” to display events and add other options to your website.

For example, you can use the yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly calendars in different views including Calendar View, Slider View, Time table, Carousel, List, Mansory, and Map View. What’s interesting is that all of these looks come with several interesting styles to choose from.

Ordering System

The Modern Events Calendar booking system, available in the Pro version, is one of the best booking systems available on the WordPress platform.

The idea is to provide you with the contact information of event attendees so that you can send event information directly to visitors.

Once an attendee has booked an event, you can set up notifications to be sent to attendees to inform them of the event’s status and booking confirmation.

You can easily personalize your order and registration forms by adding or removing fields. For example, you can set up speakers for an event and then display the speakers as widgets in the sidebar of a website, or you can add multiple event organizers.

Personalized Events

MEC offers several options for personalizing events. Events can be categorized using tags, categories and, labels. In addition, each event can be further classified by location and speakers.

Finally, all this information can be presented in an easy-to-scan QR code. Each event list can be made more informative by adding local time and weather using the Modern Events Calendar Local Time and Local Weather modules.

Create Dynamic Event Locations and Organizers

The MEC plugin allows you to add a location and host to any event you create. This is useful because visitors viewing your events page can immediately see where the event is taking place. They can also see who organized the event and then use this information to decide if they want to attend or not.

However, Modern Events Calendar also lets you save organizers and locations in your WordPress Dashboard. These details can then be reused each time an event is created on your website. Also, thanks to the way the plugin is designed, if you edit the details of an event or organizer, any mention of the event or organizer on your website will be updated.

Frontend Submission

On the Modern Events Calendar website, admins can let users create and add events to the official events calendar. This option is only available for registered and logged in users.

You can customize what details can be entered in user-generated event submission forms. In addition to basic event information, this form allows users to add Related Links, Fees, Featured Images, Event Categories, Event Labels, Event Colors, Event Tags, Event Locations, Event Organizers, Hour Schedules, Booking Options, and Option Fees/Taxes, etc.

Import and Export Module

MEC offers features for both import and export. You can import .xml or .ics files into MEC or directly import data from Google Calendar, Facebook, Meetup and even third party plugins including The Event Calendar, Calendarize, EventOn, Event Schedule WP Plugin.

As for the export feature is also the same and you can export MEC data to anything. ical, .csv, .xml, .json. In addition to these popular formats, you can export the information to an Excel file, Google Events Calendar or Facebook.

Social Sharing Button

To help you promote your event, this plugin gives you the option to display social media share buttons on your event page. Thanks to this you can choose to display share buttons for the following networks to encourage your visitors to share your event with their friends and followers: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Modern Events Calendar is a plugin created by Webnus. This plugin is really able to provide the needs of users who want to create a full-featured event website while also providing a free version with enough features to create a basic event website.

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