AffiliateWP – Premium WordPress Plugin Download

AffiliateWP – Premium WordPress Plugin Download

AffiliateWP – Premium WordPress Plugin Download

If you want to create and manage your own affiliate program, then AffiliateWP Plugin is the best and popular choice which is highly functional in managing your affiliate system. If you have someone who is capable of building an affiliate management system, of course this is a good thing in your business.

Once this AffiliateWP plugin is installed on your WordPress site, you can start growing your business and making more money by setting up an affiliate program that incentivizes your audience to send new customers to your site.

With the AffiliateWP Plugin allowing you to run your affiliate program from within the WordPress dashboard, you have complete control over how it works. You also don’t have to share your profits with third party affiliate networks.

What Can AffiliateWP Plugins Do For Your Website?

Apart from having all the important functions related to affiliates, AffiliateWP Plugin also has a number of interesting additional features.

  • Free, paid and third-party add-on libraries
  • Assistant to help migrate from other systems
  • Export and import affiliates, referrals and settings
  • Publish your own creatives for your affiliates to use
  • Multiple options for paying affiliates
  • Special referral rates for individual affiliates
  • Support for a fixed amount or global percentage for referral fees
  • Integration with other plugins like WooCommerce and MemberPress
  • Support for coupon codes
  • Real-time reporting that tracks visitors, referrals and earnings
  • Front-end dashboard with reports and tracking information
  • Automatic or manual approval for affiliate applications
  • Front-end affiliate registration form for easy registration

Get Premium Plugins and Add-ons by AffiliateWP at Low Price

Plugin Name by AffiliateWPGet only $2.99
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin Affiliate ProgramDownload
AffiliateWP Crypto PaymentsDownload
AffiliateWP Zapier Automated Tasks Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP WooCommerce Wallet Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Tiered Affiliate Rates Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Signup Referrals Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP REST API Extended Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Pushover Notifications Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP PayPal Payouts Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Pay as Points Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Multi Level Affiliates Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP MLM Multi-Level MarketingDownload
AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Group Switcher Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate SlugsDownload
AffiliateWP Affiliate PortalDownload
AffiliateWP Affiliate GroupsDownload
AffiliateWP Affiliate Dashboard Sharing Add-onDownload
AffiliateWP Affiliate Landing Pages Add-onsDownload
AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms for Ninja FormsDownload
AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms for Gravity FormsDownload
Plugins by AffiliateWP

How to Install AffiliateWP Plugins

  1. Log in to your WordPress website
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page
  4. Upload the .zip file with the plugin to be installed
  5. Click the Install Now button
  6. Once installed, click Activate.

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